Best revenge to the oppressors

2 min readMar 7, 2020

I know it’s not just to me, but I have faced many difficulties throughout my life, even before starting my company. I think some of the people are fed up with my “passport story” — I don’t have a passport and thus quite often am in trouble when entering a country. The reason why I mention this is the immigration officers are incognito. I don’t want to mention the specific name in public.

While I encounter many difficulties and discriminations, there is one thing I determined — never hit back even when I assume the position allowing me to do so.

I think revenge is what people with low self-esteem would do. If one is mentally stable and truly independent, the person won’t think about taking revenge or even harboring a grudge over what happened long ago. Those who want to hit back the past oppressors are not free from the mental trap of oppressors, “you are entitled to bully those who are weaker than you.”

The best revenge that we can make when we become powerful is to graduate from the mental trap, forgive the past oppressors, and embrace them. One more would be not to feel bitter about what we needed to persevere before. Just for the record — I am not saying that those who committed crimes should be acquitted. Also, it is not my intention not to protest against the evil things happening now. What I am talking about is a mindset when we take power.

I know it is not easy. However, all great leaders have done so. It is the only way to true liberation.