Personal planning

1 min readJan 2, 2019

I have written a detailed review of the previous year and resolution for the new year and sent it to those whom I respect/owe for the last 15 years. I cannot imagine how much this habit changed my life and career, and at the same time, I wonder why people don’t do this.

First, many organizations make business plans every year (sometimes every quarter), costing much time and energy of the employees. People do this because they know that the process allows us to think deeply about something significantly crucial in the long run but not easy to think thoroughly without proper opportunity or pressures. Our life is just once and can’t be more precious. To make the best use of it, we better have a plan.

Second, we all know that why we make promise and oath sometimes. We are not strong enough to keep promises that we didn’t explicitly make. Feeling that someone is paying attention to the achievement of our commitment makes us work hard to achieve what we determined.

It doesn’t take much time — just a few days. I am confident that the time for the personal planning pays off well.