Weekly review (2019–09–29): India→Japan→India


Moved from Karuizawa to Tokyo and met a friend who is a genius programmer. Then moved to Narita and took the flight for Delhi. Read a book about Fintech and philosophy. Arrived in the Delhi airport at around 23:00, i.e., 2:30 AM Japan time. The ANA flight is useful in that I can use the time until 14:00 in Tokyo, but not suitable for sleep-time stabilization (on top of that, it always takes around 30 minutes to pass the immigration).

New Year Resolution Progress

Colleagues told me that I have to reduce the time to visit the field and spend more time on fundraising, because that is what only I can do. That partially makes sense, but I can make a compelling presentation only because I visit the field. So I can’t but visiting the branches and the clients, but I think I now need to think about the time allocation. We’ll shortly start the tech initiatives, so it’s a good time to think about time reallocation.

Books review

大学・中庸(Great Learning and The Doctrine of the Mean)
I googled how to write the books’ name in English. Because Mencius was impressive, I thought of finishing two of the four major Confucianism books (Confucianism, Mencius, and these two). To be honest, they were not as impressive as Confucianism/Mencius. They were a bit too theoretical.

Other thought

Keigo (敬語) a mode of Japanese language used for the senior/higher-position people may be one impediment for smooth and efficient communication. That is what I have suspected for long. Language defines our way of thinking unconsciously. Though there are only several Japanese speakers at Gojo, I’m thinking of abolishing Keigo from our communication. It is a big thing, indeed. No huge backlash like abolishing Caste system is expected, but the modus operandi is deeply rooted in the culture, so it entails a big difficulty. Let’s see.



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