Weekly Review (2019-10-13): India -> Cambodia -> Japan -> London

2 min readOct 16, 2019

It was a long journey…

Started Monday in Bangalore. Met a prominent investor based in Bangalore. He asked me a number of tough questions, saying “you’re wrong here, there, …”, which is a typical challenge made by high IQ investors. If one becomes speechless in front of all the questions, the discussion will be finished. Anyway we have to safeguard our arguments. After 1.5 hours meeting, he said to me, “please come to my office any time. I will welcome you.” Good sign.

Then spent time in Bangalore, seeing some friends, headed for the airport. Left Bangalore at 23:00, arrived in Singapore at 6:00 and took 7:30 flight for Phnom Penh. A bit crazy itinerary. Not good. Arrived in Phnom Penh at 9:00 and met the management team there to sync. My friend, who is a well-known AI programmer/engineer, came to Cambodia. I took him to the field, far-away places.

When I visited suburban areas a year ago, I was deeply concerned about the over-indebtedness situation of Cambodia, but the rural areas seem still ok. I could feel the life improvement of the clients. Whoever I visit (including non-clients), they said their life has improved in the last several years.

Then took a red-eye flight (again) and came back to Tokyo, starting a hectic day until the night. The flight on 12th for London got canceled due to the massive typhoon, the event that further spent my precious time. Woke up at 6:00 on Friday to go to Haneda airport to negotiate to change the itinerary to get to London anyhow. Then worked in Tokyo again and went back to Haneda. Took a midnight flight on Friday and went to London. Before the cancelation, the expected flight time was 12 hours. Now it turned out to be 27 hours including layover.

These days, I stopped writing mails/chat messages during the meeting. This considerably improved my performance during the meeting, but it became extremely difficult to reply to mails/messages quickly. A quintessential trade-off case. I guess the solution would be to shorten the meeting time.